Why do you need a Web Site?

The statistics show that in Colombia 86 % of consumers use the Internet to consult business information, is the highest average and every day continues to rise over other traditional media like the Yellow Pages, which use only 37 % of consumers.

Internet is not just Google to search for information either commercial, informative or of any kind are also social networks, which have attracted equally to consumers and marketing results are high impact. Of all the people using Internet in Colombia more than 90% are visiting and interacting on social networks.

Internet use has committed to everyone, companies and individuals can consult and advertise their products, services and ideas; interacting anytime, anywhere. This is no longer power to be only from a PC (desktop or laptop), international trends show a rapid growth in the use of Smarthphones (Cellular) Tablets and to interact online, and infrastructure that support these technologies are made fully to respond to these trends, as is the case with the implementation of Mobile Internet G4 in Colombia. The trends are very noticeable now:

¿Have products, services, ideas, news you want to present?

The following is a definition of Web Page according to WIKIPEDIA:

"A website is essentially a digital business card, either to companies, organizations, or persons, as well as a card of ideas and information and theories. Likewise, the new trend orients web pages are not only attractive to our visitors, but also optimized (prepared) for seekers through the source code.

If we talk about SEO, a web page is the basis for optimizing an entire website which is a set of web pages."

Do not wait more! Contact with us, our primary interest is to make your website, and accompany you in positioning. And although the greatest benefits are the medium term, you will notice differences in volume of prospects (potential customers) and sales in the short term.

  • Ideal for Business for the first time are entering the world of Internet.
  • Strengthen your corporate image and projection of your company making him notice to your customers.
  • Increase your sales, and number of customers

Meet the most notable advantages of having a website: 1. Scope of your products and services worldwide: Through the website you can reach potential customers worldwide. Geographical limitations no longer exist, a Web site is like a sales office in every part of the planet. It is the way to EXPAND your current activity , business and / or brand. 2. Compete alongside larger: Your image on the Internet may be comparable to any large company in your industry. It is a fair land where the site of a small business can be as or more attractive than a big company. So you can compete right next to the largest companies, as equals. 3. Available 24 hours, every day of the year: The universal presence also complemented by the presence 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing even outside working hours, the company continues to produce and grow. In addition to serving other parts of the planet by time differences it would be impossible to do instantly. Would get increase in customers when companies and individuals to visit your website to know your products and services when they are looking for appearing in search engines. fidelizing your current clients and not allowing them to go to the competition because they came to other websites. All this will result in the increased sales. 4. Less Operating Costs: Savings in advertising costs, reduced phone and staff so that any information you may need the customer can view your Web page, this saves time, money and reduces the number of phone calls from your business, local and long distance. Gap opens a new channel of communication less aggressive and that can be used consistently to inform their customers about news, products and services. 5. Professional image of your company: Currently respected businesses in the middle have a Web presence. Not having an Internet address, you can give a little serious and professional image. Increasingly, the Web site will have a final to stay in the race especially for a recognition and prestige to give a good image of prosperity and future. Remember that having a web presence will not ensure the success of your business, but will not be leaving him increasingly away your opportunities to competition.

REMEMBER, your website is your salesperson more efficient:

  • It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, weekends and holidays retaining existing customers and attracting new prospects.
  • Informing about your company, products and services; even from a Smartphone or tablet.
  • Strengthens the brand and presentation of your company to have online presence, enhancing credibility and creating brand loyalty.
  • Instantly updated information to your customers and prospects about new products and/or changes.
  • Reduced advertising and marketing costs with a much higher return positive results.
  • Gives all possible forms of contact to not miss a single customer.
  • Best presentation of your company to have corporate email, which is the image of: stability, organization and projection.
  • The website of a small business can be as or more attractive than a big to compete on an equal company.

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