SuWebJK, 2015.
Cra 51 No. 103 - 50, Pasadena
Bogotá D.C., Colombia - South America
+(571)704-3882/+(57)311 265-6826

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Skype: suwebjk
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A multidisciplinary team with over 20 years experience in development and implementation of computer software companies. Project Makers. Web services technology; Web programming, Web pages, Business Strategies.

Our team is located in different parts of Colombia, Spain, Panama and Ecuador. Our organization includes several professional service. Here are some:


  • Direct adviser: Juan Carlos Gallego (Administrador)
  • Cel: 311 265 6826
  • Email:

  • Direct adviser: Esmeralda Ojeda (Comercial)
  • Cel: 314 308 8631
  • Email:

  • Direct adviser: Deissy Gamba Cifuentes (Mercadeo)
  • Cel: 312 417 9881
  • Email:


  • Direct adviser: Marcela Artis (Diseñador)
  • Cel: 34 631 934724
  • Email:


  • Direct adviser: José Alberto Gallego (Diseñador)
  • Cel: 593 993413824
  • Email:


  • Direct adviser: Flabio Josue Cruz González (Administrador)
  • Cel: 507 61111279
  • Email:

Meet LUCKY, is part of the team, pass the mouse pointer over the picture of Lucky and watch it working in action. :)

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