First Steps

Let us advise you on the commercial implementation of your website:

Your first website:

The initial product includes:

  • Personalized Web page (HTML, CCS3 and JQuery. Or Joomla):
  • Between sections:
    • Home.
    • Products / Services.
    • News / Blog.
    • About Us.
    • Contact.
  • Images, product catalog.
  • Database User Registration.
  • Hosting and Domain.
  • Registration Google Analytics.
  • Business emails with your domain.
  • One-year contract.
  • Periodic changes of information and images according to plan.

P.D. The information and images are provided by the customer.

Download our Guide for organizing information containing for your website: (temporary Spanish)

Among the different schedules depending on the product and service contracted, we find the following:

For this, we will give you a work plan with dates, page after delivery of the initial start routing advice to achieve increased flow of visitors to your site:


  1. Information is provided by the company (client).
  2. Delivery times depend on the customer to deliver the information in the agreed time, any variation of these dates is the responsibility of the customer.
  3. Recommendations made by our team should be carried out for the success of the strategy.

Our job is to help make Internet presence and your business to get more profitability. Continuous taking your business and we take care that your website is constantly visited and attract new customers , together we will be informed of the results to the respective corrections with the intention of taking you to the next stage of the business strategy.

Among the different schedules depending on the product and service contracted, we find the following:

Once your website is ready, we begin the initial assessment route to achieve increased flow of visitors to your site:

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  • Ideal for Business for the first time are entering the world of Internet.
  • Strengthen your corporate image and projection of your company by making him out to his customers.
  • Increase your sales, and number of customers.

REMEMBER, your website is your salesperson more efficient:

  • It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, weekends and holidays retaining existing customers and attracting new prospects.
  • Informing about your company, products and services; even from a Smartphone or tablet.
  • Strengthens the brand and presentation of your company to have online presence, enhancing credibility and creating brand loyalty.
  • Instantly updated information to your customers and prospects about new products and/or changes.
  • Reduced advertising and marketing costs with a much higher return positive results.
  • Gives all possible forms of contact to not miss a single customer.
  • Best presentation of your company to have corporate email, which is the image of: stability, organization and projection.
  • The website of a small business can be as or more attractive than a big to compete on an equal company.