About Us:

Let us advise you on the commercial implementation of your website:

Our team is comprised of professionals in different fields, who have already worked with several successful projects. They are located at different sites in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Spain.

This project comes after a recapitulation of all our work and experience, seeing great potential independent, micro and small businesses that do not yet have Internet sharing, but for its management, product quality, experience and delivering everything in their activities makes them organizations can grow faster than average. We want to be part of that growth. Our service and mode of operation is via Internet, plus Telephone; thus time advantage and better we serve all regions of our target market.

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We offer a quality product and a complementary service according to the degree of experience you have in Internet advertising and publicizing your products, services and ideas.

From our first contact we prepare to accompany you on the various steps required to make your online presence SUBMIT you amazing results.

Our philosophy and commitment is to see our customers grow, especially by the strategies implemented for the Internet, and strengthen our demanding more complementary services, so support them in all the various stages of implementing its online business and be your trusted advisor forever.

For this reason, we develop our product from the experience gained in several successful projects, where all the primary mission is to increase the number of customers and prospects to your business. We have simple but effective strategies to achieve, and have been launched in mass campaigns showing excellent results.

  • Ideal for Business for the first time are entering the world of Internet.
  • Strengthen your corporate image and projection of your company making him notice to your customers.
  • Increase your sales, and number of customers

Our Experience

We are a new company in the market, but composed of professionals with over 30 years experience in the areas of Administration, Sales, Accounting, Programming and Development of custom software (custom) Massive campaigns. We bring an innovative product that combines the different experiences of the equipment to strengthen your company, especially the commercial area using internet.

Software Development:

      • Software Administrativo y Contable.
      • Software Administrativo (versiones especiales automotriz, droguerias).
      • Software de Recursos Humanos.
      • Software de Control de Gestión Comercial.
      • Software de Control de Ventas.
      • Software de Valorización y control de gastos de Vehículos.
      • Software de Cálculo y Pago de Comisiones Vendedores con condicionales.
      • Desarrollo de Software a la medida.


      • Páginas Web.
      • Foros (Informativos, Capacitación con interacción de los visitantes).
      • Descarga de Software y control de registros con generador de claves de acceso.
      • Carro de Compras (Tienda Virtual) con medio de pagos (PagosOnLine).
      • Chat de Soporte con registros e informes de análisis de la Gestión de cada Asesor.
      • Desarrollo de Software (php, Mysql) a la medida.
      • Creación de Música Personalizada.

Advice, Support & Training:

      • Gerencial - Procedural.
      • Administrativo.
      • Contable - Financiero.
      • Comercial.
      • Sistemas de Control.
      • Sistemas y Computadores.
      • Internet.
      • Lanzamiento de Campañas de Masificación promocionando Productos y Servicios.

Coming soon:

      • Seguros Generales y de Vida.
      • Asesorías Legales.
      • Convenio con todos nuestros clientes para crear el Portal Comercial y que todos los que lo visiten conozcan los servicios y productos que se ofrecen y tengan tratamientos comerciales especiales.

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